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About the Book

Short stories date back to biblical times when people told them orally, sometimes in rhyme, sometimes as epics, and sometimes as small dramas. Some short stories were used to teach moral lessons. This was the case for Fables and in the Judaic world, for a Midrash.

The function of Midrash was to take a biblical concept and use a nonbilbical short story to better explain the moral. Religion is not some archaic historic event to simply be revisited. It is something live, something that informs our lives. As such it should fit within our community today.

In Modern Midrashim Rabbi Sarko has taken taken 54 ethical concepts, one from each portion of the bible and created short stories using modern settings. Each story also has an illustration created to reflect something within the story.

The Table of Contents of Modern Midrashim:


      Midrash Bereshit - Creation
      Midrash Noach - A Rainbow Connection
      Midrash Lech Lecha - To Go for Yourself
      Midrash Vayeira - Hospitality
      Midrash Chayei Sarah - A Cup of Water
      Midrash Toldot - An Heirloom
      Midrash Vayeitzei - The Ladder
      Midrash Vayishlach - The Meaning of a Name
      Midrash Vayeishev - A Coat of Many Colors
      Midrash Mikeitz - The Dream
      Midrash Vayigash - The Disguise
      Midrash Vayechi - The Twelve Blessings

      Midrash Shemot - The Thornbush
      Midrash Vaera - To Find My Name
      Midrash Bo - The Baker
      Midrash Beshalach - Arms of Support
      Midrash Yitro - A Conversation
      Midrash Mishpatim - An Eye for an Eye
      Midrash Terumah - Menorah Man
      Midrash Tetzaveh - The Tallit
      Midrash Ki Tisa - The Golden Calf
      Midrash Vayakhel - The Pride of a Teacher
      Midrash Pekudei - The Breastplate

      Midrash Vayikra - A Small Voice
      Midrash Tzav - Ritual
      Midrash Shemini - Middle America Kosher
      Midrash Tazria - The Malady
      Midrash Metzora - A Reflection from Within
      Midrash Acharei - To Be a Jew
      Midrash Kedoshim - The Kohen Gadol
      Midrash Emor - Celebration of a Holiday
      Midrash Behar - A Sabbatical Year
      Midrash Bechukosai - A Valuation

      Midrash Bamidbar - In the Wilderness
      Midrash Nasso - The Nazir
      Midrash Beha'aloscha - How Friends Travel
      Midrash Shelach - Challah
      Midrash Korach - The Rebellion
      Midrash Chukat - A Big Stick
      Midrash Balak - The Blind Leading the Blind
      Midrash Pinchas - The Inheritance
      Midrash Mattot - The Oath
      Midrash Masei - The Journey

      Midrash Devarim - The Legacy
      Midrash Va'eschanan - The Mezuzah
      Midrash Eikev - A Stiff Neck
      Midrash Re'eh - A Small Suggestion
      Midrash Shoftim - The Copy
      Midrash Ki Teitzei - Lost and Found
      Midrash Ki Tavo - A Mitzvah of Action
      Midrash Nitzavim - A Far Away Search
      Midrash Vayeilech - The Passing of the Torch
      Midrash Haazinu - The Song
      Midrash Vezot Haberachah - From Bereshit
           to Kol Israel and Back Again

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